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(JPG) Camille AUBAUDE was born 13 october 1959 in Paris. She studied and teached at the University PARIS III, Sorbonne. In 1992, she graduating Docteur es Lettres in french literature, myth of Isis, Gérard de Nerval and travels in Egypt, at the University of PARIS VII under the direction of professor Julia Kristeva. Her research created a « nouveau mythe littéraire », wrote professor Claude Pichois, specialist of Gérard de Nerval. Early in her literary career, Camille AUBAUDE tried her hand at poetic writing. She wrote Lacunaire in 1981, while teaching in South Algeria, and she started the seven books of Isis (1995) and the poems of Anankê ou la Fatalité (2000), in 1986, while teaching at the French Cultural Center, at the French hight School of Cairo, in Egypt, and geting a mission of research from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Camille AUBAUDE published an important essay on women’s writers, Lire les Femmes de Lettres (1993), an interwiew of the french writer Marguerite Duras and her thesis in two volumes (1997), during teaching in Chicago (French hight School) and Jordan (Yarmouk University). She took the narrative in the mid-nineties, writing La Maison des Pages in 1995 (« Préface » by the french poet Claude Vigée), followed a few years later by Ivresses d’Egypte(2003). It was not until her third and major book, La Sphynge (2009) that Camille AUBAUDE established her position among notable contemporary writers, as « une impressionnante aventure intellectuelle et personnelle », wrote Julia Kristeva. Her « ballades » and « rondeaux » are published in L’Heure de transparence (2006) and Poèmes d’Amboise (2007). These poems « sont d’une perfection jamais atteinte », wrote Lou Bruder.

Beside creative writing and erudition, Camille AUBAUDE is a woman of wide reading and considerable insight into contemporary poetry which permeate her activities as critic, teacher and publisher of contemporary poets in her collection of poetry « La maison des pages » (Publibook éd.). Her criticism include « Préface » (to the medieval french poet Christine de Pizan), studies about women littérature, translations, colloquium about Gérard de Nerval, conferencies and readings during poetry festivals, in Paris (Sorbonne, « Maison de la Poésie »...), Tibériade (Israël), Mexico, Santo Domingo, Saint Martin, Chicago (USA), Damas (Syria), Irbid (Jordan), Cairo (Egypt)... Not surprisingly, Camille AUBAUDE has been the recipient of scholarly fellowships, is President of a Poetical Academy at the Sénat (A.L.F.O.M.) and has been invited at several radio and TV shows.

About the deep meaning Camille AUBAUDE consciously and unconsciously intends to produce through her excellents poems, Florian Rodari, a swiss publisher, underline « leur côté chanson, ballade ou ritournelle qui les rattache à la source même du genre » (about the Poèmes d’Amboise).

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